Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010

Interview: Samuel L. Jackson, Chairman of SLJ Foundation

Samuel L. Jackson is US-Actor and Chairman of the SLJ Foundation

Despite high unemployment policy makers and many economists have been debating whether the economy needs more stimulus or not. Does the economy need support by the government? What is your take on this?

I always think that when people are in trouble or there is some sort of turmoil, it’s the government’s responsibility to take care of this people. I also think that part of the oil spill and all that stuff could create jobs for people, that there is a way to have BP be more responsible and to employ a lot of people who are unemployed and clean up the mess that’s been done and that might help solve part of the problem.

What is your suggestion regarding current performance of Barack Obama administration? Have your expectations been met?

I don’t have an expectation of what is going on between what happened before or what is happening now. I know it’s a difficult job and it takes time to learn. It’s not the kind of job you can walk into and say I know how to fix this or how to fix that. And there is machine in place that runs in a certain way and even if you want to change that particular machine it’s very difficult to make that change happen like over night. So it’s a process that’s gonna take more than one administration to kind of make it happen.

Do you have any investment principles you follow? How do you invest your money? In Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate?

I don’t do it. I have someone else who does it and I have other people who manage those things who are smarter than I and whom I trust and it’s because of them that I am able to do the other things that I do, that allows my foundation to flourish without having to ask other people for money or help.

Thank you very much.

This interview has been recorded after a press conference in the Widder Hotel in Zurich as of 8th July, 2010. Mr. Samuel L. Jackson has personally informed about the cooperation of his foundation with the Swiss Red Cross in Switzerland.

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